6 Reason Why You SHOULDN’T go to Spring Break Portugal 2020!

For those of you who are hesitant to book with fears of disappointment, fear not. We’re answering all of your concerns and questions, so you really have no excuse to miss out on 5 days of unforgettable music, parties, and atmosphere at Europe’s only urban getaway in 2020.


1. The hotel is probably terrible…

The 4* hotel resort is located in Praia da Oura, less than 200 meters from the beach. With two outdoor swimming pools, tropical gardens and multiple bars, including a pool bar!

Every room has a private balcony with stunning views, overlooking either the ocean, the pool or the gardens of the resort.

And don’t worry, they’ve got WiFi too.


2. But the festival is in April… Surely the weather won’t be great?

Au contraire, mère(On the contrary, mum)

Portugal is blessed with more than 3000 hours of sunshine every year. Even in April, temperatures are in the low 20’s, so it’s warm enough to bust out your booty shorts and even catch a tan.

It’s advisable to bring a warm cardigan or jacket for the evenings as the temperature can dip on average to 14 degrees.






3. I don’t have anyone to come with and I’m worried I won’t make friends…

Firstly, you won’t be the only one traveling solo. Many people who come to Spring Break Portugal come alone and always make friends. Our incredibly helpful and approachable staff will make sure you’re well looked after from start to finish.

With themed evenings that split attendees into groups – such as The Block Party: Colour Clash – and more relaxed daytime activities, there are plenty of opportunities to mingle.

And remember, everyone is attending for the same reasons as you — to have fun and make friends!


4. Not gonna lie, man. My financial situation is a bit politically peak…

No worries, man. Just slap a little £50 deposit on the ting and pay the remainder in three monthly instalments, giving you enough time to hit up Barclays (or whatever bank your with) for that good-good overdraft.


5. I’m too old to go to Spring Break…it’s probably full of drunk teenagers!

The majority of our attendees are in the age range of 25-35, but people of all ages are welcome. You’re never too old to have a good time! We have had partygoers who are 50+ and have never felt out of place or as if they were ‘too old’.

And as for the drunk teenagers, not at all. Generally, our youngest attendees are in their mid-twenties and can handle their drink! And you’ll usually find them in Ibiza or a more popular party holiday destination.


6. I’d rather go to Cancun!

Enjoy the drunk teenagers!!

Much like Cancun, Albufeira boasts beautiful beaches and the Strip which is home to a vast array of clubs, bars, and shops.

The only difference? Albufeira is considered a more affordable destination, and Cancun is the chosen destination for student spring break holidays, so you very well may find drunk teenagers there!











Now that we’ve answered your queries and concerns, you really have no excuse not to come along to Europe’s only urban holiday getaway. And just to seal the deal, sign up to our mailing list and receive 10% off of your package!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop us an email at info@springbreakportugal.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.