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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Albufeira

Albufeira is a popular holiday destination, with its prominent Strip attracting locals and tourists alike to the assortment of clubs, bars and parties...

Albufeira is a popular holiday destination, with its prominent Strip attracting locals and tourists alike to the assortment of clubs, bars and parties. And although the Strip is impressive, open almost 24 hours of the day and home to famous nightclubs such as Albufeira’s top super club Club Vida and Kiss Disco Club, which regularly hosts Portuguese film, television, fashion and sports stars each weekend, there is far more to Albufeira than its nightlife. Here are five things you didn’t know about Albufeira:

1. Popular area to relocate.

Portugal has an extraordinary climate and Albufeira is privy to more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year. This, as well as the friendly and accepting nature of the locals persuade many to relocate to Albufeira. Many people select Albufeira as their favourite destination as it offers the best of both worlds: a lively, bustling nightlife as well as beautiful beaches, picturesque countryside and local cuisine. For the past three consecutive years, the Algarve has been named as the best place in the world to live in or retire to.

2. Safe and sound.

The Algarve is ranked as one of the safest regions in Europe, with the country as a whole ranking as the 17th safest country in the world. Violent crime seldom occurs, and the majority of petty crime that does occur is during the busy tourist season, when the town’s inhabitants grow from 25,000 to 100,000.

3. The Origins of Albufeira.

Albufeira’s history dates back to the Roman Empire. The Romans first put their stamp on the town and named it ‘Baltum’ and used the town for commerce and agriculture, taking advantage of the port. The influeunce of the Roman Empire is still visible today in the town; remains of the Roman bridges in Paderne and Guia still stand.

4. Why is it called ‘Albufeira’?

The name ‘Albufeira’ is derived from the Arab term ‘Al-buhera’, which translates to ‘castle of the sea.’ This was during the 8th century when the Arabs occupied the town and used it as a defensive stronghold, protected by the city’s location on tall cliffs, defended by a wall which is still partly visible today.

5. The cost of a pint.

And of course, most importantly – Averagely, Do you know how much a beer costs in the Algarve…? Only £1.82! As if you needed any more convincing to join us at Spring Break Portugal 2020 — £1.82!!


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COVID-19 | Official Statement

Spring Break Portugal is an international festival with guests from all over Europe and despite the great progress made with tackling Covid-19, international travel remains restricted and uncertain.

As a result we regret to announce that Spring Break Portugal 2021 will be postponed to Spring 2022. We deliver this news with reluctance, however, the health of our guests and their families is always our first priority.

Top 10 Things to do in Albufeira

Portugal is one of the most popular holiday destinations, awarded the best European Tourist Destination by the World Travel Awards in 2019, winning an impressive total of 39 prizes overall. And it’s not hard to see why. Spring Break Portugal takes place in Albufeira, the largest, liveliest and most energetic of all resort towns in the Algarve. 

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