Spring Break Portugal: Festival or 24/7 Party?

“festival [fes-tuh-vuhl] noun

”A periodic commemoration, anniversary, or celebration… A period or program of festive activities, cultural events, or entertainment: a music festival.””

— Wikipedia

Since its inception, there have been a few debates on whether Spring Break Portugal is a ‘Festival’ or a ‘Party Holiday’. I mean both sound amazing, but let’s face it. We’re a festival (and a damn good one at that)!

Ok! So we might not have a fancy stage, and there might not be a bunch of celebrities lined-up to perform, but, a festival can come in different shapes and sizes and we just happen to have a very different take on it. Anyway, I’ve decided to explain – once and for all – to you and everyone else, just how much of a festival we really are.

So first-thing-first, we’re called ‘Spring Break Portugal’ for a reason! Occurring annually during the easter-spring holiday, it’s quite clear why the name is an obvious choice. Originally being an American party phenomenon, it’s safe to say that ‘Spring Break’ sounds way more exciting, don’t you think? I mean, imagine if we called it ‘Easter Holiday Portugal Festival’… Err, dead!

“But where are your acts” you ask? My response… “We actually have loads!” Just look at our amazing line-up of resident DJ’s and hosts. We literally have DJ’s from all over Europe playing everything from Deep House to downright dutty Bashment. Personally, I’ve never heard of a festival that covers so many genres of music (if you know of any, feel free to drop it in the comments).

‘And you don’t even have a main stage or a venue’ — Erm, actually we do! You’ll find that the whole city of Albufeira is our venue and the clubs are our stages. Imagine a metro-festival, with all our parties taking over the entire city’s many bars & clubs, not to mention, the beach parties, the boat parties, the rooftop parties and the bar crawls happening everywhere else throughout the city. Literally, there’s no better venue and stage imaginable.

Furthermore, your experience with Spring Break Portugal is guaranteed to be a unique and personal one at that. Unlike most conventional festivals, you aren’t trapped in a park/field with a bunch of strangers who you probably won’t ever hear from again. No, at Spring Break Portugal you get the one-on-one treatment, mingling with the DJ’s, meeting new people and taking part in all the exciting attractions like the waterparks, go-karting and city tours, as one big Spring Break unit.

More importantly, the Spring Break Portugal team are some of the friendliest and most caring people ever (queue-in Lexi), inviting everyone for pre-drinks and making sure everyone gets a chance to meet and make new friends.

Plus, our WhatsApp group is absolutely litty! It’s the first time I’ve been able to meet so many people going to a festival, before I even touch down. There’s literally always someone available to answer questions, or, to make plans with. And even once we get back home, the fun just doesn’t stop! We’re constantly arranging get-togethers and the banter is just never ending. It’s been months after we’ve come back now and we’re still blowing up each others phones.

And lastly, we all know, no festival is complete without some jolly souvenirs. I love my wristband. I think I kept my Spring Break Portugal wristband on for far too long after, so much so, that when I took it off, I had some serious tan lines! Plus we had Kitty-Kat-Ibiza hook us up throughout SBPT2018 with daily doses of glitter, glitter tattoos and body art (perfect for all those amazing photos and video keepsakes). Oh, and my favourite thing of all, is the free complimentary t-shirt that everyone receives, that I now wear as PJ’s (Go Red Team!)

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