COVID-19 | Official Statement

Spring Break Portugal is an international festival with guests from all over Europe and despite the great progress made with tackling Covid-19, international travel remains restricted and uncertain.

As a result we regret to announce that Spring Break Portugal 2021 will be postponed to Spring 2022. We deliver this news with reluctance, however, the health of our guests and their families is always our first priority.

Top 10 Things to do in Albufeira

Portugal is one of the most popular holiday destinations, awarded the best European Tourist Destination by the World Travel Awards in 2019, winning an impressive total of 39 prizes overall. And it’s not hard to see why. Spring Break Portugal takes place in Albufeira, the largest, liveliest and most energetic of all resort towns in the Algarve. 

6 Types Of People You’ll Meet On Holiday


Every holiday is an adventure. But on every holiday – whether it be an easy all-inclusive or beach destination – you’re guaranteed to meet these six characters. 1. The Wicked Witch of the Sunbeds After returning from breakfast, you grab your towels and make your way down to the pool. ‘It’s only 11am’, you think. […]

6 Reason Why You SHOULDN’T go to Spring Break Portugal 2020!

For those of you who are hesitant to book with fears of disappointment, fear not. We’re answering all of your concerns and questions, so you really have no excuse to miss out on 5 days of unforgettable music, parties, and atmosphere at Europe’s only urban getaway in 2020.

8 Hotels for Spring Break Portugal – Options for Every Price Range!

“It’s going to be too expensive, once you add in flights and hotels…”

Well, no. Not necessarily. Spring Break Portugal is still some time away, which means both flights and hotels are the most affordable they’re going to be right now. And to show you just how affordable they are, I’ve compiled a list of 8 great hotels with two options in each price range, so that’s one excuse to cross off of your list!

From SBPT2018 to Notting Hill Carnival!

The countdown has begun and we only have a few days to get ready for one of the biggest and best carnival experiences in the world. OK fine… maybe I’m being biased as I have only ever been to Notting Hill Carnival, but surely a million other carnival goers can’t be wrong?

Top 5 Summer Algarve Nightclubs

Summer-time was made for the Algarve! There’s not better place to be if you ask me. The weather is hot, the days are long and the nights are endless.

Riddled all across Algarve are some of the most spectacular summer nightclubs and beach clubs in Europe…

My first ‘Girls Trip’ — Spring Break Portugal 2018

Spring Break Portugal – where do I even start?! I can honestly say it was the best holiday I have been on in a very long time! The holiday exceeded my expectations, and as my first party/parent-free holiday, it was a great place to start! Let’s go right from the start…